Gravity Guy

Change the gravity, run and avoid from troopers, escape from this unreal world. Enjoy Gravity Guy Game.

Reverse the Gravity

Gravity Guy flash game is an addictive multiplayer running game. Reverse the gravity direction and help this little guy to reach the end and escape from this non-realistic gravity world.. Gravity Guy game is an amazing platform game from Miniclip and this game has fans all around the world. Gravity Game has a unique game dynamics where by one click you can reverse the direction of the gravity and your main character flipped vertically and continue running.

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Gravity Guy Gameplay

In a virtual world all gravity laws were broken. In this non-gravity world a brave guy called gravity guy was held captive for defying those rules. He has decided to escape from this world and started to run. He can flip the gravity and must reach to the exit buy using the gravity flipping physics.

  • You can flip the direction of the gravity by clicking the left mouse button or space bar on the keyboard.
  • Your image guy will try to catch you, so you must run and reach to the end of the level by uncaught of your image.
  • Gravity guy cannot be stopped and run always. There are some traps and holes can which can damage this brave gravity guy.
  • You must think quick and flip the gravity always to find the best way to the exit
  • There are 30 challenging levels in this addictive platform adventure game, so you will get excited while playing this amazing Gravity flipping game.
  • How To Play Gravity Guy?

  • Click to "PLAY" button, then click to "CONTINUE PLAYING" button. Skip the instruction by clicking the "CONTINUE" button. Then game will start with gravity guy character appears on the platform screen.
  • Just use SPACE bar or LEFT MOUSE CLICK to flip the gravity direction
  • You do not need to use Arrow keys and there is more control
  • Follow the path on the ground which can be flipped in top or bottom.
  • You will be the king of this gravity world! Just reverse the polarity of the world and manipulate your surroundings to reach the end, play this game gravity guy online.

    Key Feauters

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Game leaderboards and achievements
  • Local Multiplayer mode up to 4 players and online multi player mode for max 2 players
  • Practice, story and endless modes
  • Amazing game music



    Story Mode: Gravity Guy’s Story mode consists of 30 interesting levels and checkpoints. Addition to the non-stopping and gravity flip game adventure, the Gravity Trooper chases our hero in this story mode. You don't have make any mistake and reach the nex checkpoint without any failure.

    Practice Mode: Same Levels reached in Story mode can also be replayed in Practice without the pressure of the mirror Trooper following after you.

    Endless Mode: In endless mode you must survive and run as far as you can on a single life with no continues. This Endless level layout consists of predetermined set pieces which come up in a random order, so players can’t rely on memorization like they would in Story mode. The farther the player gets, the faster Gravity Guy runs, making high scores quite challenging to earn.

    Multiplayer Mode: In this multiplayer mode, up to 4 people can play simultaneously and each player can controls different colored Gravity Guys by clicking the appropriate corner of the screen. Multiplayer mode includes two unique levels for the group to race through.

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    Play Gravity Guy on Mobile

    This is a very famous gravityguy game and you can find this game on iTunes and play on your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

    Altough it seems simple graphics, this guy game is not just simple. Gravity Guy game 2 is all about controlling your platform and physics rules.. As Guy start to run, you fling him over pits and obstacles by raising and lowering the platforms he runs across. This new flipping mechanic is so difficult that you must show quick reflex and decide fast to flip the gravity. The most exciting part is thay your mirror is coming before you and you have no chance to make a mistake while escaping from the platforms.

    This game also have a second version which is called Gravity Guy 2, you can download this Gravity Guy 2 game on to your smartphones and play single or multiplayer.

    See also the second version of Gravity Guy 2 Game, check the tutorials, gameplay and walktroughs about this new version.

    Darkness of the future,there is one man who is breaking the laws of gravity. Flash game Gravity Guy is a guy who is jailed for going against the force of gravity. Guy has escaped, and must run and out-flip his captors. Gravity Guy lives in a world where down is up, up is down, and those who don’t want to keep two feet on the ground at all times must run, run, run.